Friday, January 2, 2015

Curious Georgia's First Birthday


Big One Year Old
Georgia's favorite cartoon is Curious George. She loves it for many reasons, including the colors, the puppy, and of course, the monkey, George. Hence, the theme "Curious Georgia" was born. It was meant to be. The invitation was the inspiration behind each detail, big and small. I started with the cake design and from there I made the décor and my shopping list. I knew I wanted to keep the food simple, so I stuck with "cake and bananas." I made chocolate dipped frozen bananas, banana sugar cookies, funfetti dip, and of course, the cake which I did not make. I made most of the decorations, including the monkey pom-pom, the 0-12 month banner, and 'I'm One' banner. I used balloons to help scream birthday party!! The guest list was mainly family, since lord knows we have plenty!!!

Georgia Cate had a ball mingling with everyone and getting everyone's attention in the room. She loved opening her presents and would scream each time I pulled a toy from the bag. Her favorite toy was the shopping cart with food from her BFF, Hattie. She spent the rest of the party inviting the kiddos into her play room. She didn't know what to think about the smash cake. After some prompting she decided to give it a try. She wasn't too impressed, after all it wasn't the fruit, veggies, or tuna fish that she is accustomed to eating. Overall, it was a precious afternoon filled with lots of claps, giggles, and squeals. It was worth every minute spent planning and every penny spent. And as Caleb said, "This is her last birthday party!" Until next year, of course!! ;)

Cake: Candy Haven, Denton
Frozen Bananas & Toppings

Birthday banner - 0-12 months of pure joy
Georgia's Guest Book - "When I'm older I'll be CURIOUS about who was here to celebrate with me. Please sign my book and leave a note for me."
Banana Sugar Cookies

Precious toys
"Jungle Juice" - Pink lemonade, ginger ale, strawberry ice cream, pineapple juice

Invitation: Heather Carpenter Designs, OKC



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