Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Night

The three of us headed to our favorite dinner tonight at Oceanaire inside the Galleria. Caleb and I love to splurge at this place. It is absolutely delightful. While we were there, we remembered that this exact weekend last year we were celebrating Georgia being one week old with my family. How time flies! 
Before going in we tried to take a picture in front of the tree. You can see how that turned out. GC is hit or miss on photos. 

Going to eat with a one year old is quite risky to say the least, especially at a nice restaurant. Well we sat down and while we were waiting on GC's seat we let her stand in the booth. Before we could blink (of course) she climbed to the crack in between the booth and wall and completely fell between. As Caleb said, "I had to pick her up like a loaf of bread!" Oh my gosh. Yes it made it a loud noise and she screamed. We were those parents. It was great. :) She did recover quickly and was precious the rest of dinner. Probably due to the concussion she suffered. ;)
Big girl once we got home. She definitely looks like a one year old. The pjs are perfect! She is quite the monkey. Thanks aunt Claire for the birthday gift!

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