Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Holy Cow!! The snow did not let up today! It snowed most of the day. No school today! No school tomorrow! Maybe I will get to see my firsties on Thursday?? Who knows! Me and the roommates made some yummy food today! Lunch consisted of pigs in the blankets, fried pickles and capri sun! Dinner was the infamous queso chicken and salad! Equally as yummy. Tomorrow homemade cookies are on the menu with a little bit of Wal-Mart sherbet. Man, it's sooo good! You must try it out!

Welp, not a lot to blog about on this snow day! Maybe tomorrow I will have more exciting news? I am going to try to organize two closets tomorrow. Will I get around to it?? AND I am going to make some reversible workout headbands. Ya know, just hang out! 

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