Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Wednesday & a Wee Bit of Info

On this glorious Wednesday I'm saying SO WHAT IF I...

*Haven't gotten out of my pajamas in two days!
*Didn't brush my teeth yesterday until 5 PM (don't judge, you know you've done it)
*drink Coke like it's going out of style
*slightly obsess over blogs 
*consider teaching all day a workout
*consider celebrity gossip a form of news
*think I know it all ;0) 
*trust God with all my heart and soul
*secretly plan my dream wedding in my head
*like the names Cates, Carly, & Cooper
*spend way too much money each month on crafts
*plan everything to a T and get upset when it doesn't work out

Play along! It's fun to "so what if" stuff. It gives me this thrill like I am saying a bad word!

Because it's a snow day & I am going stir crazy bored I am participating in Wee Bit Wednesday!

{one} what was your favorite sitcom growing up?
saved by the bell, duh!

{two} what song always makes you happy when you hear it?
i can only imagine [makes me think of all of my grandparents who are watching over me in heaven]

{three} do you still have your wisdom teeth?
lord, no!! those babies came out like eight years ago!

{four} what is your go to way to relax?
basically what i've done for the past 2 days - blog, nap, & eat

{five} do you play any instruments?
no, my biggest regret is quitting piano as a child. why did my mom let me!!?!?

{six} nude beaches: yes or no?
hmm, no thanks. i'll keep that to myself!

{seven} do you chew your pens/pencils?
um no! i teach six year olds, i know what kind of junk lives on pencils!

{eight} can you change the oil in your car?
that would be a big fat negative. i'm pretty much SOL when anything happens to me pertaining my car.

{nine} can you curl your tongue?

{ten} can you knit or crochet?
i'm sure i could if someone taught me. i like to sew!


Katie said...

Hey Claire,
I found your blog on Mama Dew's its super cute!

-Didn't brush my teeth yesterday until 5 PM - Its 3PM I still havent yet, but I'm about to!
-I def consider Celebrity gossip news!!
-I have my dream wedding all planned out already. It so twisted that I take down notes in a notebook. Atleast we'll be prepared right?
-I spend wayy too much money on my scrapbooking supplies. I can't believe how expensive that stuff is!

Kylie Radka said...

Lots of ditto's there, you know that! But....

- I could never wait until 5 to brush my teeth. You know me and my morning hygiene habits!
- I also consider teaching a workout. We are just plain tuckered out when we get home!!
- I am beginning to obsess over blogs like you. You have rubbed off on me!

Christa said...

Hope your enjoying your SNOW DAY!

Shannon said...

your blog is SO cute! i didn't get out of my pjs all day today and neither did mr or the baby!

Kelly said...

Fun post! I totally agree that teaching can be a workout some days-- think of ALLLL the walking you do!! And I gotta ask, is Cates a name for a boy or girl? Ahhh, wish I could stay home from work and have a Saved By The Bell marathon ;-)