Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Holiday Wreaths

Lindsay and I made a fall wreath in October. It was so much fun. It was definitely a trial run but we had so much fun making them. The hardest part was picking stuff out at Hobby Lobby to go on the wreath. Actually putting it together was not bad at all. It was definitely easier with two people to bounce ideas off of. It was a good de stresser in a very emotional time in my life. I love you, Lindsay! Thanks for keeping me sane! 

Lindsay's wreath ~ I really liked her bow!

My fall wreath. I LOVE the pumpkin. I have loved having a wreath on our door this fall. It is so cute from the street. Thankfully all of the "stuff" has stayed in place and made it through several storms!

This was my new project tonight. A friend of mine, Kali @ connecting, posted a picture of a similar one. I really loved the idea (obviously!) and went right then to Hobby Lobby to buy the supplies. It was super easy and fun to make. I like the colors I chose and happy with the turn out. I decided to hang it over the kitchen table instead of outside. I thought the yarn would get yucky outside.

3 colors of yarn
2 different sizes of stirofoam (sp?) balls

Wrap yarn around balls
Hot glue on wreath

Told ya it was easy!
Make one and take a pic, let me know how it goes!

I get to start my Thanksgiving Break Saturday because all of my teachers cancelled class next Monday and Tuesday. How awesome is that? I am subbing tomorrow and take one of my big state tests on Saturday and then I am home bound for a week!!! Extremely excited!

I bought a pumpkin cinnamon spice car refresher today from Bath & Body! Yummy.

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I love all of those! Too cute and festive!