Wednesday, November 17, 2010

101st Post

Well, today marks blog number 101. It should be way more than that but I have been a horrible, no good, very lazy blogger lately. I hate it. I vow tonight to be much better. I am not promising everyday but at least once a week! Ha! Tonight I'm going to play a little catch up. So here we go with ten (or maybe more) things that have happened in September, October, and November.

1. I turned 22 September 24th. I am officially old and not turning anymore "fun" ages. I celebrated at home with family. It was the first birthday weekend since I have been in college where there was not a home football game. Kinda sad, tailgate birthdays are always so much fun!

2. I began semester Y (what OSU calls the semester before you student teach) and can thankfully say I am almost done with semester Y. Only a few more BIG things to do and I will be ready to student teach next semester. I am beyond looking forward to be done! To make things more interesting we have "Dress Up" Days! It is really fun. This day we all wore scarfs! :0)

3. My grandpa was diagnosed with liver cancer and went to be with Jesus about seven weeks later. He is now dancing with the angels and free from pain and not suffering. I love you Grandpa and I will never forget you.

4. My Nanny (my best friend, 95 year old great grandma) fell and broke her hip at the very end of September. She had several other complications and stayed in the hospital for two weeks and then a rehab center for two weeks. She has had some minor set backs since and has not made a full recovery. I thank Jesus she is still alive but my heart is being prepared for the future. I know God's plan is perfect and I will rest in His peace. Seeing her in a nursing home and so tough on me and the rest of the family but we know she is in good hands and in the state she is in she wouldn't be able to be at home. It's just hard because we are used to the Nanny that still drove, cooked, cleaned and planted flowers in her yard!

5. OSU is 9-1. We are ranked #10 in the country. I bleed orange and it's fabulous. I just got back from Austin. A group of us went down to watch the Cowboys kick some horn tail!

6. I have been doing a Bible study on Monday mornings at the bagel shop in Stillwater. It is one of my favorite times because I love the girls so much. We just have great convos and it's a safe place to share my heart. I love it! 

7. I have not worked out once this semester. Horrible. I have got to get on a better schedule (I say better, let's just say A SCHEDULE) or I will be obese this time next year!

8. I am anxiously awaiting my student teaching placement for next semester. I can't wait to student teach, graudate and have my own classroom. Did I mention have my own classroom????

9. I became a GG (great-grandma) in Pi Phi. I have a beautiful little GG named Hayden. She is fabulous and fits into our sassy fam just wonderfully!

9.5 I am over long distance. Over it.

10. I have been extremely blessed with good times and bad times. I am learning to see God's purpose for my life. I have been stretched this semester but I have also gotten stronger. I am thankful.


PK said...

i love monday mornings! so excited for you Claire! I love how you talked about being stretched. So many times we get frustrated by the hard times but they are for our benefit.. to make use stronger (like you said)!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you've had a lot going on and have been really busy. Hang in there, it's almost time for winter breaks. Maybe it'll just be what you need!