Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, are you ready for this?!

The last few days have been so busy!!!
Get ready for a long post and lots of pics

Here is precious Sawyer Cate who I posted about a few weeks ago. I helped Cami set up her classroom Friday and just had to take a quick pic of her! I love her so much!

I have helped Cami the past three years decorate her kindergarten classroom. We have such a ball together. This year we didn't really go with a particular theme, rather just lots of colors! This is the word wall (on top) math and science words and word families. The writing center is in front of all the word families & math center is the shelving unit coming out from the wall. 
The neato red pocket folders are a new thing at Mardel's this year. Cami is using it for the kids center folders! Brilliant! She will be able to put their picture and name on their pocket! :0)

Here is calendar, my favorite part of kindergarten. I LOVE the new red border we put up this year! 

For the first week of school her students will focus on respecting each other. She is going to fill this board with the kids writing on how they will respect each other! 
The Mrs. Patz is going to be moved to another wall b/c this wall will be filled with the kid's About Me posters, which will stay up the entire year! They LOVE it! And believe it or not they turn out really cute b/c the parents do them as a scrapbook project! :0)

Here is the front of the classroom. Cami used to have her Word Wall on the white board. This year she is going to hand her clips and hang up great work from her students! :0)

Here are the computers & the reading center. The books are not up yet! We are going to write a quote about friends over the bright color paper! We need a good quote! The birthday board is in the back - that might change too!

Well that is the first draft of her classroom! I love it! What do you think??

I hung out with Caleb at the camp a couple of nights ago. It was mini-camp, where K-3rd graders can come for just one night at camp. It is a great transition for some kids. These pics are from the carnival!

Isn't this precious?? Caleb loves kids - one thing that makes me love him so much! He will be the best daddy one day! 
This little girl, B, has a big brother who makes fun of her bucked teeth. She said her calls her "Beaver Face" - Caleb made a point all night to let her know how pretty she was and gave her a new, nice nickname! He played on the obstacle course with her & was definitely showing her Christ's love!

Caleb and his brother, Tyler!

Me and babe - it was a hot and sticky night!


Yesterday, I went to lunch with my very best friend from high school and her mom and sister! 
We had a great time catching up and looking through her sister's wedding album! 
Codi had a beautiful wedding back in January!

Love you, Kels!

I also bought 3 new dresses while we were at lunch. They were all 50% off! One is down below in the Grease pics - the other I am wearing tonight to a wedding so you will see that one tomorrow! And the last one I will wear for recruitment so pics to come in August! They are all adorable!!!!


Last night, I did the most fun thing I have done in awhile! First, we went to eat itialian food at Magianno's!! It was DELISH! Then we went to watch Grease "The Sing Along"! Oh my gosh, if you get a chance & it is showing in a theatre near you, you should totally get a group of girls and go!
We had a ball! 

Me, Cami & Brenda

The whole group! :0)


Well, I wasn't able to do Fabulous Finds Friday last week so here is all my findings from last week to move to school with me! HA! and don't laugh about the spray paint - it is for the crosses, remember!? AND I got all of those bottles on sale at Hob Lob! And the OSU plate you see? One of my dear friends bought that for me at a garage sale for 25 CENTS! Can you believe it? I bought a stand at Hob Lob and it will look so cute in my kitchen this year! :0)

Sorry I was MIA for a few days. I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!
Cross-Eyed Sisters blog will be up today! We will have a giveaway SOON!!!!


Lauren said...

Okay, I didn't even recognize Tyler. Wow!

Christa said...

Love the name Sawyer Cate!!! Y'all did a great job decorating her classroom! I cannot wait till I can decorate my own room! Glad you had such a fun filled weekend! :)

Kristin said...

Love that little doll baby's name. SO precious!