Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday already!?!?!

Things I need to purchase in the next few days....

  1. Pink screw driver for the cross business!! This is a blessing because this means we have lots of business! This really excites Lindsay and me. We sold 2 more crosses today. Yipee! :0)
  2. Exchange my directors chair cover for a new one ~ Mine is a rusty red right now and I want a more "fun" color. You know, like lime green, orange, or pink! haha
  3. A bag31 from my friend Charlie. She is having a party tomorrow night & I am pretty positive I know which one I want! Pics to come tomorrow!
  4. Pay Jenn for the new Cross-Eyed Sisters blog! Can't wait to share with you all!
Well I think that is all for now...

I hope everyone has had a good hump day! I was very busy at work today, lots to catch up on since I stayed home with my Nanny yesterday. Thankfully, she is much better today! She did her house chores and even went to the bank. Praise Jesus! I was able to have two wonderful conversations with two of my best friends today~ Maddie & Kylie! Love them both so much! Caleb is busy, busy at the camp. They have 500+ there this week and have a mini-camp into the weekend. I won't be seeing him much!

Mad & me on her 21st birthday!

Kyle & me on our way to San Fran in May!

Things to look forward to this weekend...
  1. I am helping Cami with her room Friday! YAH! I love helping her. She teaches kinder & we always have a blast hanging out together and decorating! I have some good ideas brewing!
  2. We are going to see "Grease the sing along" in theaters on Saturday night! How fun! I'm really considering wearing my poodle skirt~ how funny would that be!?
  3. Tomorrow (sorry this is out of order) I get to see my very best friend from high school! We have a date with the sun tomorrow afternoon! :0)

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Jen said...

Cute blog! Just found it through Tracy's @ Then I Got to Thinking!