Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday: Things to do this summer

On this hot Tuesday afternoon, I am linking up with ohamanda for top ten Tuesday!
This is my top 10 to accomplish/become better at/buy/ya get the drill this summer...it is now in writing! ;0)

1.) Buy a sewing machine. Not an expensive one. Not a real big machine or a complicated one. Just something I can make cute little projects like this cute little wipes band! No, I don't have a baby but I know plenty of people with babes that I could make one for! Or you could modify the project for a box of kleenax, pen holdeer, etc... So cute! :0)
P.S. visit this blog to get other cute, crafty ideas!

2.) Run several days a week. I ran a half marathon last April & quite honestly you wouldn't even know by the times I run now. I want to get back into it but I seem to always have an excuse: too hot, I have to go to work, I am already showered & ready for the day, too hot, too hot, too hot! But anyways, I really am going to try to run more and make up excuses less! I really want to run the 1/2 in Dallas this fall.

3.) Read more. I am reading two books right now! I want to finish these two and then start some new. I lilke to read Christian books but also fun, fiction. I am reading Christian Atheist & Heart of the Matter right now. Both I highly recommend. What book should I read next?

4.) Spend time with friends that I don't normally see. Life is busy and I am bad about getting in a rut. I wish I was more like my sweet friend, Callyn, who makes time for so many people in her life. If you want to read about a beautiful trip she had over seas & a heart for the Lord you found the right blog. Check her out, you won't regret it!

5.) Clean my car. So this seems like a no brainer but good golly I have not cleaned my car since...I can't even remember!!! That is bad. People say a car reflects it's owner. Well I promise I am not as dirty as my car. Whew! Hopefully, I will get this one done this summer! Ha!

6.) Refinish a desk. My dad gave me an old library desk for my room at school. Right now it is boring brown but I plan to paint it orange and then stain over the orange for a ruggish look! I can't wait to see how it turn out. Pics to come!

7.) Creat my own blog circus. I have some ideas brewing in my head right now. We will see what I end up doing. I don't want to rush this -- I want it to be well thought out and something that people will actually want to participate in. There are a lot of circus' about crafts, lists, randoms so I am thinking about something different....but I am not letting the cat out of the bag YET! Get excited, though! :0)

8.) Memorize more scripture. This is something that takes time & committment. This is something I want to become better at because I believe scripture memory deepens your walk with the Lord and is good for prayer. (and many other things, of course!)

9.) Do something out of the ordinary/go somewhere fun! Lindsay and I plan to go to Canton in July. For those of you who don't know what Canton is you are MISSING out! Oh my gee! It is greatness. A HUGE flee market with GREAT things! Do you have something like this around where you live?

10.) Last but not least, get my blog up and going! I really love it and think its a great way to get ideas, learn about others & have a community of believers. I am amazed by how many people talk about the Lord and it is really encouraging to hear about people & what they are walking through. I am excited about getting my new blog design & starting a circus! Come follow me!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday! :0) 

***Disclaimer: Sorry for any misspelled words. I am a terrible speller as it is & without my MAC correcting everything I type I probably have a few mistakes! ;) 


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am SOO glad you stopped by and said hello!!! Your blog is darling and I see you enjoy Gussy too :)

Cate said...

Claire I love your blog and i cant wait to see what you have in store for us! Im so glad you are updating so much lately.

Claire said...

Thank you, Cate! Do you not have a blog or is it just not showing up? I would love to follow you! Have a great day!

callyn said...

claire! you're too cute, truly. I can't even wait spend time with you. thanks for making my blogging experience much more enjoyable :)