Monday, June 21, 2010

Little bit of crafts & a little bit of love

Happy Monday!
Today I'm linking up with Carissa over at lowercase letters to discuss miscellaneous monday stuff!

one.I am in the hospital waiting room with my family. My Mimi went in for surgery at 7 AM. She was in good spirits and ready for the "new her." She is undergoing a bypass surgery. It should be about a 7 hour surgery if all goes well! Say a little prayer for her! 

two.Yesterday was so fun. My uncle Scott came over with Jase. Cutest. Kid. Ever. I love him so much & had fun playing outside with him for a little bit! He had so much fun swimming. He is 2.5 and not scared of the H2O one bit! He calls me "CoCo" - love it!! 
Look how cute he is!!

Fun in the sun!

Show me your muscles!!

three.Sis and I spent the rest of the day with dad at the pool! Fun day! He had a good father's day! :0)


four.Look at my newest art project! I had so much fun making them & am even thinking about making them to sale! What do you think??

My favorite~

They were so fun making! I am going to hang all 3 of them together in my room at school! 

Have a happy day!


Lindsay Rose said...

Love them! Great job! I will be praying for your grandmother today!

carlotta said...

Praying for your grandma...I hope everything goes well!