Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishful Wednesday & more

Today I am linking up with sweet Kelsey from The Seattle Smith's. You should visit her blog & have a Wishful Wednesday! :0)
I wish I wouldn't of lost.....
My Mother's Love Ring from James Avery
My mom gave me this ring on my 16th birthday. I LOVED it! It meant so much to me because of what the ring stood for - a mother's love - but also because it was given to me (along with a car!) on my 16th birthday! I wore it for years and then one day is disappeared! I moved twice between my junior and senior year! Who knows if it got lost between moves or if I took it off at cheer or lost it at one of the many hotels I stayed at for competitive cheer! I have NO idea but I keep thinking it will show up! I know it is something that can be replaced and is not that expensive BUT it is the sentimental value that will be missing! :(


Today I made closet labels for my friend! Cami is having her 3rd baby on Friday. I CAN NOT WAIT! She is naming her Sawyer Cate - I will be sure to post pics! Cami is a kindergarten teacher who I used to babysit for and now she is just one of my dear friends. I ran the half with her last year. Sawyer Cate is her third angel and I can't wait to love her just as much as I love the other two kiddos, Gracie & Landry! 
I modified this idea from Sweet {Life} Sweet~

1 Foam Sheet
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge (I used glossy)
Ribbon (FYI: one little roll is enough for all 5)
Corner Rounder
Hole Punch

All finished!!!

I think they turned out really cute & will be a great way to keep the closet organized by size! :0) 


Last but certainly not least~

It's OVER! Are you shocked? No, I didn't think so! 
Welp they want "privacy" through this "heartbreak!" 
I've got 3 words for you Jake,

Here I go run my little booty off in this Texas heat!! 
I should be getting the 1st draft of my NEW blog tonight...SOO excited!!! And I have no idea what happened to my background?! 
Have a blessed day, blog friends! 


Ann said...

those closet organizers are absolutely adorable! oh jake and vienna...when i heard the news i was actually dissapointed, however, i guess it was inevitable.

Katie's Journey said...

Those organizers are precious! When and if I ever have kids, will you make some for me and of course I will pay you!?!?! I am also glad that Jake and Vienna are no more, he really screwed that chance up!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Aww I totally feel for you and a sentimental ring -- SORRY!!! Loving the organizers, you are so talented!!