Friday, June 11, 2010

Everyone's a teacher...

You might think, there is NO way I am called to be a teacher. I can't wipe noses, listen to the tattling, teach a child how to READ!! No way!! However, you might be called to teach - teaching is your gift. I feel like I am called to be a school teacher. I adore children, I have a passion for their success, and quite honestly I like listening to the tattling. I think it is downright cute & if I am annoyed I take a ticket...easy as that! ;) I believe from the bottom of my heart that teaching is my gift. Give me a set of children and I will delight myself in their presence & do life with them because they are my passion, they are the future of this world, and I believe in them.

Now...moving on to a form of teaching that isn't so comfortable to me. That is teaching others about Jesus. Now don't get me wrong, my Bible study each week is one of my fav things because I can be vulnerable to people who understand what grace, mercy, and Christ's love is. I love talking about Jesus, what He has done in my life & talking about scripture with other believers; however, it is downright intimidating and nerve racking to talk about it with someone who is not a Christian or not exactly walking with Christ as they should. For one, I don't want to seem judgmental or come across as "I am better than you."  Do you feel me? Now you may not relate to this scenario because you feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics. Praise you!

No matter how I feel, I am called to have conversations with believers and non-believers about Jesus. We all are!! "Let the word of Christ dwell in our richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom." ~Col. 3:16. We are all called to be teachers. This verse is talking about the everyday opportunities that God will give each of His children on a daily basis.

I am encouraged to take these opportunities & become comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Lindsay Rose said...

Great Post! It used to be so hard for me to talk to people about Jesus too... only because I didn't want to seem high and mighty to them. But, I would take it one conversation at a time. And eventually it got a lot easier. Being the RD for 3 years made me really comfortable with it. I think another fear of mine was I was afraid that if they asked me a questions.... I was afraid I couldn't answer it.

Love you.... Great Post!

Kristy said...

Ya know, Claire-Bear, sometimes the most powerful "conversation" you can have with a non-Christian is simply the way you live your life day-in and day-out. The peace and joy that radiates from you becomes something they begin to want for themselves. That's not to say that verbal witnessing isn't important...of course it is...but don't ever underestimate the power of your sweet spirit just by being you.

Love you,