Monday, June 14, 2010

SYTYCD - Top 11

Here they are!! The talented, beautiful, mouth dropping TOP 11! I am a HUGE fan of this show and so excited the season has started!

Lauren is my fav so far! I think she is so stinkin cute and is an amazing dancer. She is only 18, fresh out of high school, and blows me away by her talent!

Kent is my fav guy, so far! Him and Lauren were the opening dance last night & they blew the judges out of the water. I know they will both be fan favorites. They are cute, blonde, young, full of talent and personality! I am excited to see how far Kent goes in this competition! :0)


I admire Alexie's determination to be apart of SYTYCD! She has tried out for the show 4 times. This shows how much determination she has & how she handles rejection. Rejection makes her a better person and just motivates her to work harder. She did a beautiful job last night & I think she is a sweetheart!


Robert is really funny. After watching the show you would think he has been on it for weeks because he is so comfortable. I think he will be exciting to watch because his personality is so spunky!


Cristina is from Mexico. I think she adds flavor to the show. She definitely kept up with Pasha and Anya last night. I thought she did a great job! :0)


Billy is defintely my least favorite. I really hope he doesn't stay on the show long. I don't know why but I just don't like listening to him talk or dance. He did a Mia dance last night which was okay I thought. And look at his dirty feet-ewww!!

Well those are my stars for the top 11!
What do you think??

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