Thursday, June 10, 2010

So long laziness...let's talk cowboy boots and beautiful dresses!

Sis' high school graduation was last week. We had a light supper at our house before her 8 PM graduation! Love her so much and I know she will do great things these next four years at the University of Texas. She is brilliant, beautiful, & bad the have to be to go to UT, right?! HA!

My mom did a WONDERFUL job setting up for sis' party. Look at the table spread! So cute!! :0)

Two of my favorite people. They both speak truth to my life and fill my life with joy, laughs, and plenty of "thankful moments." I love you both, Caleb & Nanny. You are both a huge part of my life.

This is my dad and Carin! I love them! We don't have many pics together b/c my dad isn't quite the picture type. However, he did let me capture one sweet pic. 

So proud of you!

Caleb's parents have a summer camp in our hometown. They took the summer staff to play woorley ball and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. They are always so kind to let me tag along and join in on the fun! Let me just say if you have never played woorley ball you MUST! It is so fun & great activity for a large group! :0)

Now on to the CMA's...

Who watched the CMA's?!? What were your opinions on Kidd Rock? I'm going to be honest...I was a little skeptical when I found out he was hosting BUT I thought he was hilarious, inappropriate, but all the while entertaining to watch.

Of course, Carrie Underwood was stunning. I loved her pink dress!! She is always so poised and always gives God the glory!

LOVE them! I think they will make a fabulous couple! I am eager to see beautiful wedding pictures from a downright country wedding! yee-haw

This is one of my fav bands! I love their music!

Last but not least, LUKE BRYAN! I thought it was so cute when he took off his jacket and threw it to the fans. He was THRILLED to have won! I like this because I feel like more times than not the stars become numb to the feeling of winning! He was so excited! And his song "Do I" is pretty amazing too! :0)

**Side Note: I am wanting to have a background/accessories made for my blog...Does anyone have suggestions on who I should have make it?! I am looking for inexpensive but rockin! Thanks:0)


Christa said...

We do think alike! I loved Carrie's dress! And the Zac Brown Band is one of my favs too!

Leslie at Lamberts Lately is pretty reasonable! She did my blog makeover. Here is her website..

callyn said...

ah! this is one reason why i love you claire... man oh man, do i love country music & their awards shows! :)

Kylie said...

I just read the duck story and got teary! What a great lesson that was taught through all of that. Miss you BFF and can't wait to get back to school just so we can teacher talk again! Love you! Kylie