Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

Last weekend, us girls went to "the city" better known as the great Oklahoma City (ha!) We had dinner at BJ's which was fabulous! Way too filling but very yummy! Afterwards we spent the night at a friends house and had a slumber we don't every other night of the week living in the sorority house! But whatever, change of scenery! :)
The next day, Kyle, Kristen, and I went to their little brother's baseball game. We FROZE & definitely had to get a Starbucks to stay warm! Fun day:)

It has been Greek Week at OSU this week. On Tuesday evening, David Coleman, came to talk to Greek Life. For those of you who don't know David Coleman he is the "Real Life Hitch" Yes, the movie with Will Smith. That movie was made after his life. And I know what you are thinking....No, he didn't really kick a woman off a jet ski in the Hudson River but YES his face did indeed swell up at dinner & yes it was 200X's worse in real life than it was in the movie. OUCH! 

This was one of the best seminars I have ever been to! He was HILARIOUS and had some great wisdom. It was really neat to hear his story! The three things I took away from the Hitch himself:

**The person that controls the relationship is the one who loves, cares, or is the least interested. The one who is more invested has to work twice as hard to keep the relationship going!!! Both should be equally invested, there then will NOT be a control freak! 
**The three different types of love: Eros, Agape, Philia
**1. Don't smother, control, or try to change him.
2. Keep him well fed.
3. Let him have ample guy time.

Check out his website & see what you think!

We had the Greek Awards last night. This a pic of some of the Pi Phi's that went. Great night & once again proud to be a Pi Beta Phi! :0)

It's official! I am so excited and can't wait for the school year to begin! Of course, after a nice summer vacation! 

I hope you have a wonderful Easter,


Lindsay Rose said...

So excited for you!! You deserve the WORLD! Love you!

caleb springer said...

wow what a awesome blog Claire! You are so ya