Monday, April 5, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

That will be my motto for the next 4 about hard to make the 3 hour drive back to Stillwater Sunday night. I was in no mood to come back to school to finish up the semester. Partly because I know how much I have to do between now & then. It's okay though-it will all be over too soon! :)

I had a wonderful Easter. Spent the weekend in Texas with family! Friday my mom and I ran errands and enjoyed our day together. We took a two mile walk Friday morning-one of my favorite things about being at home in the summer! Friday night Caleb and I saw The Last Song and ate at a fab itialian restaurant. The movie was WONDERFUL! Omgosh I was so impressed with Miley Cyrus and really thought the two of them did a fabulous job. You can totally tell they are love birds in real life!! We had a great date night. The rest of the weekend we spent time with each other's families and just enjoyed family!

Sweet baby Jackson, Caleb's 2nd cousin!
The sun was in our eyes but I still think it is cute:)
The tulips I bought for my Momma!

Well I have lots and lots of school work to do tonight. I am watching the National Championship as we speak. Go Butler! I love this team. I think it is so amazing that their coach is only 33 years old. I'm feelin an upset! I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! :0)



RN Mama said...

I'm rooting for Butler too, they're coach is amazing!

I absolutely love your boots with that dress! So cute!

Claire said...

Thank you!!! :0) and what a heart break of a game!!