Monday, March 29, 2010

God is God and God is Good

I am an avid follower of Kelly's Korner and today she posted something that brought tears to my eyes, hope to my heart & a message from a man that stopped my crazy world for four and a half minutes to really wrestle with this "God is God and God is Good!"

This man has stage 4 cancer and there is no medical treatment that can "fix him." He doesn't know if he will be alive in 2011 and he has a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful children that he will leave behind. This video tells the story of his life and his mission field. He works for a church where he serves the Lord and he is a son of missionary parents. In the beginning he questioned God but now he is THANKFUL for the cancer. He said it has made him a better husband, father, son, boss, employee, friend and follower of Jesus. He ends with saying if God chooses to heal me God is God and God is Good but if God chooses to let me die to cancer God is STILL God and God is STILL Good. Amen!

I hope and pray nothing like this happens to me but I also hope and pray that if it does I can have the attitude of this man. Trusting God is the hardest yet most rewarding thing in this world. It is so hard to understand why things happen sometimes and it is even harder to swallow why God "let" some things happen. But God is God and God is Good. I believe Jesus has a plan for my life, yet I don't know what that plan is. I pray I take the good with the bad and smile with the sad and always remember that the God who loves me, who has a plan for me is a God who knows me best and loves me the most. 

I have been touched by this man and his Faith in our sweet Jesus. I pray complete healing over this man. I pray for his wife and children. But most importantly, I pray for all believers to taste and see that the Lord is good, no matter what comes in the way. I pray we have an attitude like this God fearing man. 

Be Blessed,

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