Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been awhile....

So I have not blogged in a while....hopefully I will get better!!

I am putting together a book for my Nanny, my great-grandmother, for her 95th birthday. I sent out a letter to friends and family telling them I would love anything - letters, notes, cards, pictures, etc... I am blown away by all of the nice things people have said about my Nanny. I mean it is nothing I didn't already know because she is everything to me but to know that she means just that much to so many other people is inspiring. She is 95 and acts like she's 70. She still lives by herself, drives her car, cleans her house (it is spotless) and does yard work. She is a walking inspiration to so many people and I am lucky enough to call her mine.

I just typed my letter and as I wipe my tears I think about the last 21 years and how incredibly lucky I am to of had those special years. I get sad and most of the time tear up when I think about the day I get the phone call or my parents sit me down. If I was brutally honest with you I would say I would have a break down and uncontrollable sadness but then I think how selfish of me that is. Most people don't even have their grandparents still alive, much less their great grandparents. I should be rejoicing and thankful for the years and memories I have been able to make with my Nanny. I pray that I impact lives that like she has. Her and my Monk were not only husband and wife but business partners and on top of all that they loved each other unconditionally. My Monk died when I was in 2nd grade but through me and my Nanny's many conversations I have learned about their marriage and how they dealt with life. I have learned so much through her it is unbelievable. Here's the letter I wrote to her:
First let me start by saying how much fun it has been to put together this book for you. I think it is pretty safe to say you are a loved woman and inspiration to all. I hope you enjoy your letters and notes from friends and family and know how much you mean to all of us.
When I think about my childhood you are a major part of it. I would always get so excited when it was time to go to Nanny and Monk’s house. Some of my fondest memories with you were at the house on the corner. Taking walks in the neighborhood, helping Monk work in the yard, sitting in your lap while you pat me and eating cheese and pickles sitting at the window watching the neighbors. I also owe huge thanks for all the Easter shoes and dresses you have bought me over the years. I don’t think a Sunday went by that we didn’t go to church together and eat Luby’s for lunch. Lib and I would always race to the counter to pay and get our suckers. I loved Wednesday nights because that meant time with you and Dad. I will never forget when we went to pick out new towels for Libby and me to each have our very own set. You always found a way to make us feel right at home.
Still to this day I feel right at home in your house. I love coming home to Denton and heading over to your house, even if it is to take a nice, quiet nap. We are the best napping partners there ever was. When I leave to go back to school I always look forward to our phone conversations and it warms my heart to hear you say, “Well, Hi presh!” I’m so happy you have been able to come to Stillwater to see my home away from home. I know how important it is to you that I love where I am and getting an education. Another one of my favorite memories is shopping with you. Mom and I always know who to call when we are headed to Dallas or even a quick trip to Dillard’s. Your sense of style never ceases to amaze me. Cutest 95 year old in Denton, that’s for sure! My list of memories with you could go on and on…
Most importantly I want you to know what an impact you have made on my life. Your love for the Lord and the faith you have in Him has definitely influenced my walk with Christ. I’m thankful for our relationship and the twenty-one years I have been fortunate enough to spend with you. Your cute ways are priceless and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I’m thankful for how much you love Dad and for all the things you and Monk have done for him over the years. You are not only my great-grandmother but also my best friend. When I think about raising a family one day I hope I offer the same love and support you have given your kids, grand-kids and even great grand-kids. I envy you and Monk’s work ethic and the marriage the two of you had. Your love was unconditional and you both did it together, even through the tough times. You are my hero, inspiration and light of my life. Nanny, you have a big piece of my heart and I will carry that with me the rest of my life.
Happy 95th Birthday to the most amazing woman there is!
I love you with my whole heart,
I can't wait to give her the book and see her face when she reads the lett
ers. My Nanny is someone who will literally sit in her chair and re-read little notes she gets in the mail. I can't imagine how she will be when she gets an ENTIRE book full of sweet messages.

This is just a little bit of my heart about someone who has a big piece of my heart.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and is thankful for all the blessings, I know I sure am.

Thankfully His,
Me, my Nanny and my Mimi at sis' homecoming football game in the rain! :)

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