Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time to give Thanks

I love the Holidays because of many reasons but Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorites. Not just because of the food but because of the time I am able to sit back and realize what I am
truly thankful for. I am so thankful for so many things in my life:

My family: Thank you for being the rock in my life. Without each and everyone of you I would not be the person I am today. Momma, thank you for believing in me. Dad, thank you for loving me and never leaving my side, no matter the circumstances. Bill, thank you for always being my biggest fan. Carin, thank you for always thinking about Libby and me first. Libby, thank you for being the most accepting person in my life. I am so proud of you and will believe in you until the day I die. I love you! Will, Walker and Ann, thank you for always bringing humor into the family. There is never a dull moment. Nanny, thank you for being my hero and inspiration. And thank you to everyone else in my family for loving me.
(I don't want to upload anymore family pics!! ha)

My best friends: I have no one but the Lord to thank for the friends He brought into my life a mere 3 years ago. If you would of asked me before I started college if I would make such solid friendships I would of told you no way. Thankfully I was wrong. I have met the most beautiful, inside and out, encouraging, hilarious, loving girlfriends anyone could ask for. I will forever be grateful for our friendships. The nights we stay up crying, laughing, joking, etc... will never be forgotten.

Caleb: How would I have gotten through these past4 years without you? Thank you for being my constant. I can count on you for anything and everything. I cherish our relationship and am thankful for the Lord's handy work in our relationship. It is by the grace of God this long distance relationship has worked and I am ever so thankful for that. I love you with my whole heart and can't live a day without you.

Claire: my saving grace. Thank you for loving me freshman year and beyond. I could not of made it through without you and I still can't. Thank you for always being there and listening. You know my heart and I appreciate our honesty with each other. You will forever be my person. I love you.

I am also thankful for good health, relationships, the Springer family, OSU and the opportunities I have had, kids, Cami Patz, wisdom, peace, Kari Kennedy, my Bible study, my puppy, creativity, music that inspires, pictures, memories and much, much more!!!!!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Thankfully His,

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