Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is one hotttt Sunday!! My family has been out of town all week in Georgia with my mom's side of the family. I decided to not go this year b/c of work and wanted to stay around this Texas heat (kidding!) So I woke up early this morning and picked up the house, washed dishes, did tons of laundry all b/c I know my mom will love me that much more;) I am really ready for everyone to get home -- being in a home alone is not fun for a week straight!

All week I have been helping Cami put together her classroom for my August Experience class. We started over from scratch this year so it took a little while longer. We went with a "people" theme and it turned out really great! I am so thankful for Cami b/c of her gift to mentor me and allow me to be hands on. I took a few pics before it was completely finished!

Friday night I was able to see my little and Jordan. We met in Frisco and shopped and ate at La Madeline..yummy!!! It was so good to see both of them since I have not seen them since May. I miss the two of them so much! I am thankful for our friendship!

Saturday Caleb and I went to Dallas to spend the day with my Dad and Carin. They took us out to eat at Rock Fish. They also took me to Run On to buy a new pair of running shoes. It was really neat b/c I was examined by how I walk and my foot shape to determine which pair of shoes would be best for me. I am excited to use them this fall in the races. I plan to run another half sometime soon.
Today Caleb and I went to the NEW Beth Marie's which was quite packed. I couldn't believe how many people were there. After that we swam and just had a great day together. I'm looking forward to mom and Sis getting home!

Hope everyone is staying cool on this hott day!!!

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