Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unconventional Thanks

Today I am thankful for so much. A year ago today, my world was spinning. I had just lost my Grandpa and I was on my way to losing my best friend, my Nanny! The quote that clung near and dear to my heart was, "When my world shakes, Heaven stands!" I actually think it was that quote that brought me through the trudges. A year later, I can say I'm a stronger person because of it and I am thankful.

I've decided to be thankful all day long.. I'm posting a little bit of thankfulness as the day goes on. Here we go!

I am thankful for my college degree. I feel so blessed to have went to school at Oklahoma State. I not only met my lifelong friends, but I also have a degree that leads me to thankful point #2.

My job. I feel extremely blessed to have a job in education. I go to work everyday thankful to teach my 20 babies. It is so fun to watch the light bulb go off. They make my life rich.

I am thankful for my parents and them ever so graciously making my dream wedding come true. Everyone has been so sweet and making sure it all is exactly how I want it. It will be an amazing night! Can't wait!

I am thankful for Caleb. After six years he finally popped the question. I am thankful he will be my husband in about six months! Thank you Caleb for loving me unconditionally, laughing at me or with me and being my best friend!

Time for the Turkey Trot in the neighborhood!

I am thankful for good food!

I'm thankful for my big family. So thankful!

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