Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happenings So Far...

I have had a great time being home. I have so enjoyed spending time with my family. We have had lots of family from Georgia and Tennesee come in the last two days. They are staying the whole week with us. My aunt works for the humane society in Tennesee so we went to the animal shelter in my hometown. I fell in love with a little kitten named Charlotte. I would call her Charlie if she came home with me. She was long haired and multi-colored with the most beautiful blue eyes. I am so sad I didn't take a picture. If I was home from school I would have adopted her. She was a tiny ball of sweetness!

We went to this fun restaurant last night about 25 minutes from my house. It is called The Twisted Root Burger. It was so FUN! They serve hamburgers and milkshakes! I wish I had pics because it was the coolest place I have been in a long time. When I go back, I'll be sure to capture the moment. My cousin's baby, Jase, is almost 3. He might just be the cutest kid alive BUT more than that he is the friendliest, loving little boy. When we got there he greeted everyone with a hug and kiss. My mom and I took him outside to play hide and seek and skipped along the sidewalks. We taught him to stop, look, and listen before he crosses a street. I think he thought we said "stomp" instead of "Stop" so he would stomp really hard! haha It was precious! I can't wait to see him again on Thursday!

This morning, I have helped mom in the kitchen and prepare for Thursday! I am not sure what we are doing today but I think it might consist of cooking, relaxing and a movie! I am loving being home!
I hope your Thanksgiving Break is going wonderfully!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time!! Happy Thanksgiving!