Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Have you read this book? I am beyond excited to be reading it. It is a book I have always heard wonderful things about but have never read it for myself. I am doing a Monday morning study with a small group of girls and this is the book we decided on. We are all so excited!!! Here are my sweet friends who I will be taking this book journey with. (I always like to put a face to a name & since I will be referring to them a lot, here you go! ;)

Kali & her husband, Pat

Kristen (right) with her new bling ;)

Kelsey & her fiance, Brett

Okay, so those are the girls! As you can probably see the little trend, they are all either a) married or b) engaged. Awesome. Moving on. I am excited to be able to share with these girls and talk about what the Lord is doing in our hearts. I know I will learn from them & hopefully by being transparent with each other we will discover our heart's desires vs. God's desires. 

I have already read the first couple of pages & it has already made me think. My favorite few sentences so far is this: "While the world applauds achievements, God desires companionship. The world clamors, "Do more, Be all that you can be!" But God whispers, "Be still and know that I am God!"

How powerful and moving is that???

There are so many times that I fall into the world's trap and the world's desires. For instance, always feeling like I have to go above and beyond in school or planning my life in such an advance I don't even have control of tomorrow. The Lord tells us, actually commands us to BE STILL and know that He is God. He is the Almighty, giver of life, He will do anything according to His will and His good purpose. I am so guilty of this on so many accounts it's not even funny. 

So, have your read the book? What are your thoughts?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I haven't read it but I want to!

Say said...

I'll have to add that to the "need to read" list! Let us know what you think in the end!

capperson said...

I've never even heard of it, but now I want to read it sooo bad!

PK said...

yay! I'm so excited Claire! God is going to do some awesome things in our lives :) love ya

callyn said...

this post made me laugh :) "awesome. moving on."

haha... you're too cute!!!! can't wait until i get to read more about what the Lord teaches you through this book.