Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh baby & baseball!

Yesterday was such a FUN day! 
My great friend, Cami, had her 3rd precious angel. Sawyer Cate was born at 12:51 PM 
weighing 6 pounds 12 oz. ~ She is beautiful & healthy! 

I was blessed to be in the delivery room with Cami, along with all of her sisters, 2 best friends, mom and of course her husband! Cami is not shy & loves having her "cheerleaders" in the room! It was a true miracle watching Sawyer Cate come into this world. I was honored to be there & can't wait to watch her grow up! I know I will love her just as much as I love her sister and brother.

Here are some precious memories captured~
One of Cami's sisters and me right before delivery!

She came into this world very quiet, just like her big sis!

She is already loved by so many!

Big sister & brother, Gracie Sue & Landry! They both were a little star struck. I think it is hard for them to believe she is just magically here one day!

Gracie will be such a great big sister to Sawyer Cate!

Best Friend, Aimee!

Best Friend, Brenda!

Sweet family of five!


Last night, Caleb and I went to the Ranger's Game, in the pouring rain! It was so much fun. The Rangers had an 11 game winning streak going but of course they lost last night. Oh well, it was still a great night! After the game, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Caleb kept me up way past my bedtime last night but it was really fun! We laughed a lot & caught up because I hadn't seen him much this week. Love him!

We parked out in the boondocks (but we only payed $5) and rode on this fun, little bike to the stadium. 
It was quite hilarious! And quite a workout for the lady riding the bike. 
She said she likes the exercise?? Crazy!!

She told us she doesn't want to see her pic show up on facebook, myspace, or twitter! 
Good thing she didn't say anything about my blog!! ;0)

We paid $10 a ticket for nose bleeds. Believe it or not, it ended up packed in the nose bleeds b/c of the rain. Probably the only time you ever WANT to sit up that high. I think it is a great view and I have a great view to people watch - one of my fav things to do. I should start calling it a hobby! Ha! And Caleb is just as bad. It is quite hilarious.

God sure does bless Texas, huh?? 

Well that was my Friday in a nutshell. Fun day!
Oh yeah, I also stopped and bought a lemonade from 5 cute, little boys! It took me back to my childhood when I would sit in my front yard for HOURSE selling lemonade for 50 cents!

I am oh so blessed to have friends, family & a boyfriend who loves me unconditionally.

I have good news, Jenn is installing my blog tomorrow!!!! YAHHH! I saw the final draft and it is oh so complete! ;) I love it so & I hope you will too. 
I know this white with funky colors is getting hard to look at. 
I am also starting a CIRCUS this week - the day I chose is Monday & that's the
 only hint I am giving right now. 
Details to come tomorrow! ;0) Get excited, I think you will really like it! 

Have a blessed day!


Christa said...

Congrats to your friend! How exciting! Can't wait to see your new blog! :)

RN Mama said...

I love going to baseball games in the summer, and that bike ride sounded fun:)

Your friend's baby is so adorable, and I love love love the name!