Sunday, June 27, 2010

INTRODUCING Make a Difference Monday by Completely Claire

‘Make A Difference Monday’ is designed to help make our dragging, awful, no good Monday’s DIFFERENT and hopefully it will carry into the rest of the week. Each Monday I will post a Bible verse, along with a little bit of my heart that reflects this particular verse. The verse might gear towards encouragement, faithfulness, servant hood, fruits of the spirit, etc

So the plan is for you to join in and participate on Monday’s! All you have to do is copy/paste the verse onto your page & share a little bit of your heart with your readers! This is a great way for us as believers to share with each other & to give words of encouragement! Who knows, what you may be walking through might really help someone that reads your blog. The neat thing about Christians is we truly can Make a Difference in each other’s lives by being transparent. It is neat to be a part of a blogging community & this is a great way to share on a deeper level!

SO, what to do…~

1.  Copy the newly designed ‘Make a Difference Monday’ button and
attach it to the top of your post. Link it back to my blog.

2.  Link up & add your blog to Linky Tools.

3.  Be as vulnerable as you want to be! I can’t wait to hear your heart!

4. Lastly, journey over to other blogs & maybe even become a Follower!

**Also, this is a great way to participate in scripture memory. One verse a week to memorize!
You can always email me with ideas, comments, or questions!

Come back tomorrow to participate in Make A Difference Monday!

My blog design will be installed tonight along with the NEW button! 


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Claire! Thank you for the sweet comment! :) I can not wait to see your new blog look! That's so exciting!

Can't wait to see "Make a Difference Monday" post!


Malinda said...

Thanks for the comment and for reading about our girl. You have such a cute blog. I look forward to your Make a Difference Mondays.

Christa said...

Love your new blog look!!! TOO CUTE! :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Such a sweet idea -- can't wait to read!!