Monday, March 8, 2010

It's over!! :)

We did it!!! The hard part is over and now the waiting begins. Kylie and I both had our interviews today for ExCEL. For those of you who don't know what ExCEL is a program that OSU offers for Elementary Education majors. Basically, if you are accepted into the program you get to student teach for an ENTIRE YEAR, rather than only a semester! Yes, start to finish with the same teacher and same class. How great, right?! They only accept around 30 students, the cream of the crop you could say! I am praying that God opens this door for me. I know how beneficial it will be for me to walk into my first job interview and being able to say I have had a solid year of student teaching under my belt. The rewards are endless that this program offers and I hope I am lucky enough to reap from these rewards.

Kylie and I both felt like our interviews went really great! We were #1 and #2 for the interviews so we were a little nervous but as soon as I sat down I felt a peace and the words just started rolling off my tongue. I was able to tell the 3 women interviewing me what I want in my potential cooperating teacher. First of all, I told them I want a teacher who has the same beliefs and values as I do. I want a teacher who will lend a shoulder to cry on or celebrate with me! I want a cooperating teacher who loves the Lord. I also want a teacher who stretches me and challenges me to be a better person and teacher. I am very acceptable to constructive criticism and I feel like that is what makes me a better person: learning from my mistakes. I want a teacher who takes me out of my comfort zone and lets me get my hands dirty! Overall, I want a teacher who will be a lifelong mentor. One who I can always look up to and ask for a helping hand! :)

Today was a rainy but great day! The interview is over! WHOOO I should know by Friday or Monday if I am accepted into the program. I know the Lord has a plan and if he opens this door I will be thrilled but if He doesn't there is something else out there for me!

Love and hugs,


callyn said...

yayyyy claire! :) so excited for you. you are going to be an absolutely wonderful teacher, in every aspect!!!

Claire said...

Thank you, Callyn! You are a sweetie and I am praying for you! I know you are having a blast! Lunch this summer to catch up! Love ya!