Saturday, March 6, 2010


Caleb is here for the weekend (Praise God!) We went 4 weeks without seeing each other and well..that's just not good for anyone involved! He got here Friday afternoon and it has been wonderful! I have been out of the blogging world for quite some time now. Primarily due to the fact that I have had zero, zip, no time to even sit down and think about blogging. Thankfully, I have a relaxing weekend with the BF!! I looked over at Caleb and asked him what I should blog about and he looked at me with a big smile and said ME. So by his I go! Brace yourself, dear friends! ;)

Caleb Adams Springer
Born July 18, 1989 (Yes, I am 10 months older but according to Caleb he's really older?!)

BLACK and WHITE is the easiest way to describe Caleb! If it's not hot, it's cold and if he likes one thing, he hates the other! There is no "cheating" on Camp Copass, so working at another camp would NEVER cross his mind! It's really funny!!
Caleb loves the Lord and desires to have a relationship with Jesus. I am thankful that Caleb loves the Lord with his whole heart. Caleb also loves Camp Copass, as I mentioned before, and has spent the majority of his summers working and serving kids that come to camp. Caleb has a
servant heart!
Caleb loves ORANGE JUICE! He drinks it withevery meal, breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Caleb loves SPORTS...especially football. Caleb played football growing up and really excelled in high school. Caleb and I went to different high schools but I may or may not of worn navy and red on Friday nights to cheer him on. I really loved
going to all the games with my dear friend Jordan to cheer on Caleb and Tyler! Caleb has such a passion for sports and I think he will be an excellent football coach one day. He will be a great mentor and leader for the athletes and I know he will make a difference.

Caleb and I are both really competitive. And I am VERY defen
sive when it comes to my OSU Cowboys! However, Caleb is USUALLY on the
Cowboys side and I love when he comes to Stillwater for football and basketball games. He looks good in orange..right!?
As you know, Caleb and I have done the "long distance thing" for over three years now. Where I wouldn't recommend this type of relationship it has worked for us. He loves DBU and I love OSU so we love that we are both happy. I love how much Caleb loves DBU. He has made great friends and has a job that he LOVES. He refs and works for RecLife. I am thankful he has found his "spot" at DBU. With only a little bit of help from me and his mom he is doing really well! ;)
Caleb is so sweet most of the time. However, there is a moody side to Caleb that has really become this huge joke. Even though sometimes I really am not kidding. We just all kinda roll our eyes and say "He's so moody!" He likes to get in these moods where he wants to make EVERYONE miserable! It's quite annoying if you let it bother you, which it does majority of the time, but other times it's just very comical. So from now on I will call him "Little Miss Moody Cow!"
I could go on and on about Caleb but these are just a few things about him! I love you, Caleb. I am so thankful for you. You are my best friend! XOXO



Jessica said...

Found you from Kelly's Korner! Love the blog!! :)

Claire said...

Thank you for reading and commenting! I love having visitors! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. I couldn't describe Caleb Adams Springer any other way! You're a lucky girl to have him and he REALLY lucked out getting someone as great as you! :)

Good luck with your student teaching stuff. I have a peace about it for you. :)

Claire said...

Hey Girlfriend;)
Thanks for the comment! I am so excited you are engaged and I can't wait to hear wedding details! Please keep me in the loop:) Love ya and hope you are doing great, which I'm sure you are! You are ENGAGED!!!