Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't you just LOVE...

My friend Kali did a great post today about what she loves... So me too!! :0)

I just LOVE....
*Days that I wake up before my alarm and I'm not even tired
*Feeling good about a decision
*Things that six years old say that melt. my. heart.
*When six year olds invite me to their birthday party! [I have 2 on Saturday]
*Teaching, but you already know that!
*Caleb Adams Springer
*Memories with the ones I love
*Having sisters~
*Oklahoma State Cowboys
*Making fun of how stupid & ridiculous the bachelor is...but I watch it anyways!
*Passionate People
*Problem Solvers
*Shutterfly [made a goodie...more about that later!]
*Dreaming big Dreams
*Not knowing what my future holds [ya, right!!!!]

I love a lot more but that's just a few...
What do you LOVE???


Jenn W said...

I love.. coffee, not setting an alarm, going to the gym, candles, and the sunshine that is started to make daily appearances!!

(i'm having some issues with my blog, you might have to unfollow me and then refollow my blog bc the url got messed up. if my posts are showing up on your dashboard/google reader then i think it is fixed. just fyi)

Kelly said...

Having sisters! (or one that is THE BEST ;-)) And Kansas Jayhawks too :-) And hahah, "loving what the future holds"... I was just thinking yesterday how nice it would be if we all knew that it would all work out okay... but that is life for ya!