Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have neglected my blog long enough...


I don't know how some of you moms are able to keep up with your family, jobs, extracurricular activities and still find it within you to BLOG!!! This is my last semester of school before I start student teaching and I can barely find time to breathe. It has been non-stop going for four weeks now, with only a little bit of play! Another reason I haven't blogged is because there is not much to blog about. Monday through Friday I am in class, at a school for class, or subbing. I am still making crosses so I do that in my free time. I also started consulting Thirty-One Bags. It is AWESOME!!! They have wonderful products & the neat thing is, it is only $99 to start the business. You get $250 worth of products and a fabulous business start-up guide. 

The bags practically sell themselves. I love having the extra cash & sharing the love of 31!!!
Check out my website here and browse the Fall/Winter Catalog!

Today will be filled with Cowboy football! I need to go shower and get my orange on!
Don't forget about me friends! I'm still here and I still find time to read your blogs, even thought I have not been the best about updating!!!

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