Sunday, September 5, 2010

Game Day in Pictures

Saturday was such a fun day! We kicked the day off with friends at our house. We cooked out brats & had lots of dips & desserts. My roommate, Lauren, made an excellent Buffalo Chicken Dip! I will have to share the recipe later this week. We hung out in the backyard & played a game similar to washers. The name has slipped my mind.

We walked over to tailgate around 2:30. I was able to meet up with my family, which is always fun. I love how they come to all the games! We ate pizza & hung out before the game started!


Youngest sister, Annie

Sweet momma

I found Claire along the way. We have about a million game day pictures! Love her!

Sweet friend, Maddie, who is now a high school algebra teacher at my alma mater. She still has season tickets so we are lucky to see you most weekends in the fall! The game was fantastic!!! We killed Washington State. I know it is only a preseason game but we had some great plays. It was great practice for our new team. We had 12 freshman on the field. It was also a good experience for 3rd and 4th string. They got to play most of the second half. It was a great day! Can't wait for next weekend! :0)

Caleb & I ate a good lunch and got a good workout in this morning. We are going to watch college football this afternoon and church tonight at 9! My pastor is interviewing Tony Dungee! It should be a great sermon. I hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!!!

"Good Ride Cowboys, Good Ride"


Malinda said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Love game day on a college campus.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Love all your adorable photos!! :) So cute! This makes me miss college and game days! Ahh, the good ole' days!

Christa said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had a fun weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that skirt you have on!! So cute!