Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I am being featured on....

I am honored to be featured on 504 today for TICKLED PINK!
So what exactly is Tickled Pink, you might ask? 
Well, it is anything that makes you happy, joyful, ecstatic, fulfilled, etc...

Today I am going to feature just that.... Me and my "sort-of sister" (Caleb's sister) have started a cross business, Cross-Eyed Sisters. We customize designer crosses. We have all different sizes, shapes, colors & themes. We can order anything BIG, medium or small. We LOVE making them - it fulfills our crafty bug!

We are in the process of getting our blog up and running because our business has truly taken off. 
We would be honored to make anything for anyone. All you have to do is email! 

Today only, we are offering a tickled pink special ~ If you link Completely Claire to your blog to feature Cross-Eyed Sisters & purchase a cross of your choice you will receive 10% off your purchase!!

Here are a few pictures. I apologize for the poor quality - the spectacular pics are unavailable as we are saving those for the upcoming blog that should be up and running sometime next week. The pictures truly do not do the crosses justice.

Keep in mind we can do anything to your cross - you name it, we design it!
Be specific as you want with style, size & color.

Insecurity ~ $35

angel ~ $50
(the angel is an old cream color - the picture doesn't do this one justice!)

serenity ~ $40

peace ~ $40

love ~ $35 (towel holder for bathroom/kitchen/laundry room)

kindness ~ $55

Not pictured:
Huge 4 stacked cross set for your living room - designed just the way you want it!

You can also "build-a-cross" - tell us what you want & we will tell you the price!

As I said, these are just a few examples. Please customize your cross today with Cross-Eyed Sisters.

We would be honored to work with you.
They make for great teacher gifts, host-favors, birthday presents, decoration for office, home, you name it! We can also customize for children's room with fun, bright colors!

Email us at

Or leave a comment with your email address and we will contact you!


Christa said...

Love Love Love the last one! : )

Holly said...

These crosses are fantastic! I love your style. I am going to have to decide which one I NEED!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love and collect crosses...
I so enjoyed seeing what you do....Hope you will stop by. "I have a giveaway on mine" at A Baby Changes Everything and by the end of the day will have one on my main blog.

Have a safe and happy Fourth. Celebrate America