Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The road goes on FOREVER....

...BUT the relationship NEVER ends!!!!
This is exactly what I feel like right now.
Caleb just left Stillwater to 
head back down I-35!
We had a great summer together & he was a huge help this week moving me into my house!
He played a lot of golf & I made a lot of crosses, organized & even made some scrumptious meals!
This will be our 4th year of long distance, while I wouldn't recommend a long distance relationship to anyone, it has worked for us. By the grace of God, I'm serious the. only. reason. we are still together. I love Caleb with my whole heart but we couldn't of made it the past 4.5 years without Jesus.
We are excited for this year--it will be full of surprises, sad times, happy times, laughter, tears, etc... but we are excited to tackle ONE more year of long distance! And I am so excited to say this is the last year we have to do it! :0)

I am sad he left, but the good news is I will see him in 16 days-
I'm not counting or anything!!!


Christa said...

I'm sure these next 16 days are going to fly by! Y'all are too cute!

P.S. Thanks for the comment earlier!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great that you'll be able to see him again so soon!