Monday, July 19, 2010

Love like Crazy

Here are some pics from my Sunday~

We woke up bright and early (5 AM to be exact) to watch Jacob, Caleb's youngest brother, compete in his fourth triathlon. He did sooo good! He is 16 years old and came in 2nd place in his age group and 19th/400 overall! We were highly impressed & very happy for Jacob. He is such a hard worker & deserves nothing but success!

This was right after he finished. A little fatigued and not quite in the picture taking mood! 

After the race, we were all EXHAUSTED! After getting up so early & being in the Texas heat we were all pretty beat. I went home for a few hours and took a nap & got ready for the rest of the day!

Caleb turned 21 - we had a little family dinner for him! He didn't want to do anything big. 
Today he went golfing with his 3 best friends. They had a great time!

His Cake - I just loved it! It was sooo YUMMY!!!!

The orange shirt I got him to wear golfing/to the OSU football games! :0)

His new visor that he loved!

And last but not least his NEW golf bag!!! I was worried it wouldn't be exactly what he wanted but he LOVED it! YAH! He also got lots of money & a new driver from his grandma.

Overall, he had a great 21st birthday & we had fun celebrating!

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