Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am home from Oklahoma!
I had a wonderful time at training. I learned sooo much valuable knowledge! It truly opened my eyes to so many things. I don't have time to share today, BUT I am going to do several posts next week over what I learned. The information is so valuable in having a successful, safe classroom environment. 

Today, Lindsay and I are headed 2 hours south to pick up a cross order. We have lots of orders to fill, thank you Lord. We are so excited & thankful for this opportunity! We are also getting ready for a big sale we have coming up in August! 

Tomorrow is Caleb's birthday! 
We are celebrating after church.
I can't tell you what I got him because this WOULD be the day he reads my blog! ;0)
However, check back for some great birthday pics!

I have not read one single blog this week so I am excited to catch up on everyone!

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