Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Wish my hair always looked good & I didn't look so young!

                     Wishful thinking can happen right here!

'I wish' I had Nordstrom as my personal closet
and could shop from it daily!

Let's just face could have everything you ever dreamed right at your fingertips!
Cute tops, dresses, jeans, skirts, jammies, panties, SHOES, men's clothing, baby/kids clothing, work out clothes, make-up, purses, name it, it's there! Nordrom is by far my fav store. I love the shoes most of all!

What store would you chose?


I had my bangs trimmed this morning...this always makes you feel better!
I also needed  wanted new hair products! No, but I really did!
Some Shampoo, Conditioner, Moracca Oil & Chi Brush later I am set until December.
I have been using pureology (sp?) for the last 6 months & think it's time for a change.
We will see how I like the new products!

Do you use the same hair products or do you switch it up? 

Last night, my family went with the gparents to a wonderful, scrumptious seafood restaurant in Dallas.

It was melt in your mouth good! I had stuffed shrimp with crab and pasta! It was delish!
We also orded crab cakes (the best I have ever eaten) & a few side dishes.
Funny story: There were 9 of us total and 6 of us are over 21. The waiter took up everyone's wine glasses who he THOUGHT were not 21. He picked mine up. I honestly didn't care because I don't care for wine but it was still the point he thought I was younger than 21. So my family joked about it and then later in the meal my mom asked him how old he thought I was. Now, he was not American and maybe he can't judge age but I dang sure thought he would be able to judge it better than he did. He thought I was 15. Are you kidding me? I am almost 22 years old - do I really look the same age as my YOUNGEST sister!?!

My mom says I should take it as a compliment but really when you are 22 - you don't want to hear that you look 15. Maybe when I'm 40 I'll want to look 33 but not right now! I fear meet the teacher night a year from now and the parents asking me if I am the daughter of the teacher!!!! I guess I'll just have to wear a huge nametag with Ms. Knight 'The Teacher' ha!!

My mom has pics on her camera - to be continued!


Tomorrow is Canton - I am beyond excited!! Linds and I are getting up super early & hopefully going to find great deals and just have a fun girls day!

Wish List:

Bedroom dresser
Wooden Cross
Kitchen decorations
Small bedside table


Lauren said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! I needed it! 15??? Ha!

Christa said...
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Christa said...

I always like to switch up my hair products! I think my hair looks better when I do! YUM! I love crab cakes...I ordered them at a restaurant in Colorado and they were delish!

Whenever we went white water rafting in Colorado they made us fill out and sign a waiver form. As I was filling out the from the guy said make sure you parents sign it. Then I said even if I'm over 18?! He was like no then you can sign it. I was thinking what the heck?! I'm 23 years old and he thought I was under 18! So don't feel too bad! Ha!

Have a great day!

RN Mama said...

Ok, so about that it everything they say it is? Does it really hold your color in? I was thinking about trying it, but it seems a little pricey!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Dude, that server needs someone to slightly teach him a lesson -- not very nice!!