Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday was a good day! I slept in until 11..can't remember the last time I slept in that long! I was up late and the day before was draining. My mimi, my dad's mom, is in the hospital waiting a triple bypass surgery. Please keep her & the doctors in your prayers! Thank you!

Friday morning Mom & I went to TJ Maxx! We love this store! I found some great buys - 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 tank, pair of shoes & a super cute 'C' for my wall at school! I plan on painting the 'C' even though it would match my room at home perfectly. My room colors at school are bright and funky - mainly orange, deep pink, & lime green! My quilt is from Anthropology - I LOVE it!!!

On one of my blog friend's site I saw how she did an 'E' wall in her baby's nursery! I thought it was so cute so I am collecting C's this summer so I can make my very own 'C' wall! Can't wait! I will keep you updated on what C's I find throughout the summer! :0)

After our shopping, we went to Chick-fil-A so I could get my lunch for the second day in a row! Ha! I also had to get my ice cream that they forgot to give me the day before. I always order a kids meal chicken nugget, substitute fruit instead of fries & I trade in my toy for a cup of ice cream. Absolute delish! If you have never had their ice cream you are missing out on a small piece of heaven. Yummy!

I spent the afternoon with Caleb. We both took a nap and relaxed. He is working long weeks so come Friday he is pooped. And as you all know, I will take a nap anytime, anywhere! ;) Last night, we went on a date to Outback & watched Shutter Island. I didn't like it. I had heard great reviews but I wasn't a fan. Too hard for me to follow or something I guess!? Doesn't help that Caleb had zero interest! ha!

Side note: At dinner a girl in front of us was talking about her wedding. Her voice was extremely high & I couldn't help but listen to what she was saying. She was explaining to whoever she was with the details about her big day. She talked about the bridesmaids dress color, flower arrangements, etc... and then she started describing her dress. She said it is RED! it just me or is that just a big no no? Or am I way to traditional? I mean I know girls are adding their own flavor to their wedding but a red dress? Let me know if that strikes you has surprising or am I just living in the dark ages?!?

I plan to see my Nanny today and go to Dallas to visit my Mimi in the hospital. Caleb and I are going to our good friends parent's 25th Anniversary Party tonight. They are renewing their vows, mexican food, dancing, and fun! I am to come!!

Hope you have a relaxing Saturday! :0)

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Katie's Journey said...

I slept until 11 too and I could not tell you the last time that I did that! I love the idea of a letter wall! I so wish too that there was a Chick-fil-a closer to me because I could drink their sweet tea all day!