Thursday, March 18, 2010

Expiration Date

Why is it that EVERYTHING in my closet has an expiration date? Does anyone else feel like this? Every year I buy something and I say to myself, "Oh I can wear this forever!!" YEAH RIGHT! The next year comes and I don't like it anymore. Granted there are a few items that are wonderful year to year, i.e. jeans, black tank tops and nike shorts but let's face it that's about it!!!! I realize my days of buying are coming to an end considering a mere year from now I will be on a teachers salary and we all know that is not very much! Hey, do what you love..right? RIGHT!! I will love my job even if the monthly pay check doesn't cover all of my shopping fees. I will learn to budget--keyword: WILL!

I brought all my winter clothes home from school and now will do the dreaded closet change and take all my spring clothes back with me to Stillwater. The only good part about the closet change is organizing and chunking clothes I don't want or know I will not wear. My new fav thing to do is take a load to Plato's Closet and get some $$$ for the clothes. And yes you guessed it! Just to turn right around and buy more clothes that fit my style for the year!

I have way too many shoes and it is a problem, I'm just not willing to admit it! Hey, if the shoe fits buy it! ;)  I need to do a run through my shoes so if you are a size 6 1/2 or 7 and like cute little sandals you might just be in luck...let a sister know! I'm all about helpin' a sista out! I just bought a new pair at DSW yesterday and they are so stinkin' cute! I love them! Comfy and stylish, perfect for spring and summer!
(These are not the exact shoe-Mine are gold across the toes with black stretchy everywhere else. The style is the same though!)

Sis is 18, about 5 inches taller than me but somehow we can still wear the same dresses. It's AWESOME! Momma bought us 3 dresses from Cache to share! We LOVE them. They are just cute little black dresses that will be wonderful for weddings, parties, graduations, etc.... You never know when you will need a cute little black dress! (FYI: the pics don't do the dresses justice and the red dress we bought in black!)

Needless to say, I wish clothes and shoes in my closet didn't have an expiration date but they just do. I'm sure when I start teaching I will wear things that are 10 years old and just wish things still had expiration dates. I'm just a fashionista, thanks to my momma. She says we were her baby dolls when we were little and her project. Needless to say, we still are. She loves nothing more than to dress us! I love it! She is the most fashionable woman and truly has an eye! I'm thankful because otherwise I wouldn't have a clue!

And with all this to say it has inspired me for my new blog title! What do ya think?
Peace, Love, and Expiration Dates,


Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Just found your blog! :) Those are super cute dresses! And I totally know what you mean about the whole expiration date stuff. Even things I thought would be basically timeless turn out not to be--like my bootcut jeans, since now everyone's wearing skinny jeans! Sigh.

I actually just got back from Goodwill because I wanted to update my wardrobe and on so many blogs I read people have all these thrifting success stories. It was fun!

Claire said...

Thanks for reading and saying hi! It always feels good to get things out! Keep in touch, Kelly!

Kylie said...

Great minds think alike, Claire!! I bought an embarrassing amount of shoes over the break AND have the ones on your page! Can't wait to show you! Love you sweet friend!